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You need to login to do this. The House of Magic really isn’t all that different from the Houses of Knowledge and Narrative, as both Houses often find themselves having the same motivations. Embryo and Kefka Palazzo are not allowed even 100 miles near this house, as the former can use mind control on anyone who relies on any form of magic, and the latter atama 3.0.3 patch the magic of the Warring Triad to end the world.

Is the opposite septrum of the House of Science. Some members tend to rub the others the wrong way thanks to the “magic vs. Of course, there are also those that use these hand in hand, and reactions from both Houses are mixed on this. Theme Song: Lightning Assault or “Kin no Senkou”. Once sharing the title of Shock and Awe with Thor, Fate was given the Dark Magical Girl title for her past of being Precia’s daughter and wanting her to love her and not receiving it. Often spends nights at Nanoha Takamachi’s temple, complete with a giant bed. If not ‘stuffing’ with Nanoha, she spars with the Goddess of Graceful Battle, Signum.

It has been brought to several of the newly ascended’s attention recently that some man named Enel used to hold this position, but for some reason all stories involving his being such have been covered up. When hanging out with not just Nanoha, but also fellow new friends Tsubomi and Tsubasa, Fate was ambushed by Ghetsis Harmonia for a certain reason, separated and struggling for her life. Precia Testarossa covered for a what-would-be killing blow for Fate. Deus recently requested a challenge to this position of the pantheon, showing off his Electricity powered Sakras to all. It was said that it’s because of Fate that Nana Mizuki is able to launch herself as an awesome singer in addition of being a seiyuu. So when the two met, both of them bowed at each other in the same time to show each others’ respect. She seems to hold a great camaraderie with Tailtu of Freege, as she recognized her tragic tale with abusive family member, and her motherly instincts to protect her daughter even at cost of his life.

Fate always reassured her that her daughter eventually ended up happy because of her. Theme Song: “Clementia” for relaxing days. Domains: Magic, Redemption, Healing, Family, Forgiveness, Peace, Love, Kindness, Hope. Due to being a cosmic force, Madoka’s physical form is one of four that that is an avatars of herself in the abstract. As such, she ascended to the pantheon to administer to the system of Magical Girls from within in. Should anything befall them, Homura Akemi is her herald to act on such matters unless it is something serious.

The names Kriemhild Gretchen and Penitent Gretchen are aspects of herself as a concept. The simple appearance of Kriemhild can set the Apocalypse in motion to see it means you are about to die. The only person that has “seen” Kriemhild and lived is Homura. Penitent is the bringer of heaven. The God-Emperor of Mankind is impressed by this newcomer, as her magical girls fight the good fight much like his followers do. They stand the line and die standing.

They’ve even had tea parties from time to time. The Chaos Gods of The Warp are a little worried, as she actually succeeded in making her multi-verse less Grim Dark. Warp Daemons, if they’re not the same thing. They breathed a collective sigh of relief when she lost her powers: though Homura is powerful, her heart is too corrupted for her to be of any true threat to them.