Astronautsgame-win64-shipping.exe ?

Please email your question to our support team. All UMAX Astra scanners have been discontinued over astronautsgame-win64-shipping.exe ? years and there is no driver support for those Astra scanners. Please put scanner model, serial number, computer operating system, scanning software version in your email.

How can I find my old UMAX scanner driver or Windows 10 driver? 1 fix for technical support issues, resolving nearly half of reported problems. How to install UMAX Powerlook 2100XL USB scanner at Windows 7? How to install UMAX Powerlook 2100XL USB scanner at Windows 8? Do I need Scanner Cleaning Service? How to get my UMAX scanner repaired?

Do you have windows 7 or 8 driver for my old UMAX Astra Scanner? How-to-Guides Step-by-step solutions for common problems. Documentation View the software help files and other resources. Contact Us For Technical Support and all other inquiries.

After submitting your order online you will get the license key immediately on a confirmation page and we will also send it to your e-mail address. You don’t have to download and run the software again, just enter the license key in the demo version of the software, and it will be transformed into the full version. Your license key will be delivered immediately on a confirmation page and to your email address. Order by fax or phone You can also order by fax or by calling us. We will send you a license key as soon as we receive your order. Purchase Orders We gladly accept purchase orders from businesses, schools, hospitals, and government offices.