Ase stream media

Konica Minolta bizhub Ase stream media 950 on manualslib. Page 2: Table Of Contents Contents Introduction FCC Regulation . 1-2 Copyright 1-2 About this Manual . 1-6 End User License Agreement 1-7 Overview Printer Driver .

2-1 Composition of a product 2-2 2. 1 Basic Printing from Windows 5-1 5. 2 Basic Printing from Mac OS X 5-2 5. 3 Basic Printing from Mac OS 9 5-4 Common Printing Functions 5-5 5. 1 Setting Page Size and Orientation .

6-59 Mac OS X Printing Page Setup 7-1 Print . 7-4 Mac OS 9 Printing Page Setup 8-1 Print . Page 5: Introduction Windows printer installation is made easy by the Printer Installer. The bizhub PRO 950 printer driver is described in this manual.

Page 6: Fcc Regulation Thank you very much for purchasing the bizhub PRO 950. This User’s Guide describes the operating procedures and safety precautions of the bizhub PRO 950 so that you can handle it safely and make the best of its capabilities. Usually keep this User’s Guide close at hand for the convenience of reference later. Page 7 All specifications are subject to change without notice. A part or all of this User’s Guide may not be used or copied without permission. SOFHA GmbH maintains the copyright of this printer driver. Canadian Department of Communications Regulations This Class A digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003.

Page 8: About This Manual Introduction About this Manual This document describes how to operate bizhub PRO 950 as a printer from various computers and networks. This manual assumes you are familiar with the basic operation of your operating system and the KONICA MINOLTA copier. Page 11: End User License Agreement Software, and any and all rights and title to the Software and any copy made from it are retained by Konica Minolta or Konica Minolta Licensor. Software from Konica Minolta or Konica Minolta Licensor to you. Page 12 If such other party does not accept such terms and conditions then you shall not transfer any copy of the Software. Page 14 AMENDMENT TO THIS AGREEMENT IS EFFECTIVE UNLESS WRITTEN SIGNED PROPERLY AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES OF EACH PARTY. BY OPENING THE PACKAGE, DOWNLOADING, INSTALLING OR USING THE SOFTWARE YOU AGREE TO ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT.