The command line used to start your java application is wrapped in the generated executable and the user can simply start the java application with a double-click. PDF2EXE can quickly convert PDF to EXE, making PDF readable on any computer without Adobe Reader apspr220230_ver12.exe Adobe Acrobat software installed.

So you can work with more than one user account simultaneously and switch between them. Texefex creates gradient text effects for your documents or webpages. You can use rainbow colors or create custom gradients. The output is in HTML or RTF format, which can be used in applications like Word, Powerpoint, Outlook.

32-bit Windows EXE that targets Sun’s Java Runtime Environment. Supports an EXE an a Windows NT service. LockEXE can password protect your programs. Pano2exe converts panoramic JPEG images into stand-alone executable programs.

It also creates setup packages, can link panoramas between them to make virtual tours and play sounds while the panoramas are running. PC with this free AutoDWG DWG Indexer. Create a native Windows EXE to launch your Java application. Powerful tool used for an application code protection from reverse engineering. XP computers in a few clicks! Create your own Windows exe file from your HTML files! Youtube EXE is a video searcher and player software.