Application yfloader6.exe encountered a serious error and must shut domn.

We have tried to use JDK1. Oh well, Application yfloader6.exe encountered a serious error and must shut domn. was afraid you were going to say that.

3 will not be supported for version 4. I would like to use jdk1. We are currently running the latest version of jdk1. I suggest updating to either the latest version of JDK 1.

Any suggestions on how to prevent it? Basically my code does a search for any entry with sn equal to the passed argument. The above come out of stderr. I doubt I am the only person who is doing something like this. If anyone knows what is happening with the above message, please give me a hint. Not knowing what the underlying problem is, I decided to use the Netscape directory SDK instead of the jndi solution with Sun’s ldap service provider.

I was able to retrieve 2000 entries and it is actually a lot faster than the jndi method. I am using the EBS R12. I think in learning process i do not need the NLS Patch. So I had a fresh copy of EBS R12.

Actually I am working on HRMS Setup, in fresh EBS environment there is need to install its legislative data, so I installed it and apply the hrglobal. I just skipped only 5th and 6th Step because its about NLS Patch. Starting verify: 109 formula instances to process. Action: Please ensure variables have been assigned to before using them. The formula wrapper package was created successfully. Concurrent program returned no reason for failure. URL provided to submit a testcase to Sun.

However as of Hotspot, they are no longer using the JIT technology as far as I know. I am attempting to use the javax. Can u suggest how to get rid of this problem. I debug it, if I press continue it gets normal work. If I have helped you, why not giving me a kudos?

I’m running under WinXP Pro, latest updates also. Why would I want to debug software I’ve paid for? Any ideas on how to fix this? Go to the Startup tab and uncheck the box next to CTHelper and click OK. A message will pop up after reboot about settings changing in MSConfig. Click the check box at the bottom so that the message doesn’t appear at every boot. Go into the Task Manager and check to see that CTHelper.