: appcrash : farcry3.exe : : 51226a37 : fc3.dll :

Updated the DLL once more for the latest game version. Updated : appcrash : farcry3.exe : : 51226a37 : fc3.dll : DLL to dynamically find the patch spots by AOBs now.

Since I had auto-updates enabled in UPlay client, game silently did it for me. According to Ubisoft’s EULA, found here, paragraph 1. Trainer queries registry for game installed path. If it can’t find it, it won’t run. People often install games to various locations on disk OR copy them manually to some other places.

Game still runs, but the registry indicator points to a non-existing location now. Hence the several complaints CH users have made that the trainer doesn’t work. In order to find the FC_m64. Once inside the target process, the trainer patches various locations inside FC_m64. For those of you who don’t know, EBFE’s effect in terms of executable instructions is an infinite loop.

Common practice used in reverse-engineering to suspend a process where and how long you want. I used the exact same technique to get this flow working: Far Cry 5. How is this not illegally modifying game files? It’s clearly shown you change a game DLL’s executable code. No “but”s here, there’s nothing to be said about it.

I can post all of the patches if need be, but I see no point in doing it. Goal here was to show THEY USE THE SAME METHOD of patching game files in-memory. Once everything is in place, all of the code having been patched is restored to its original form. First-up, there are no cracked files. PWizard is continuing the same fake charade he’s started with lies to belittle something I’ve done.

REQUIRES NO EAC OR OTHER GAME . Again, re-stating to his pleb not to use physically patched files. BEFORE the trainer has restored all the patches, wouldn’t I have the same thing as you’re preaching you’re not doing here? Never thought of it, that’s how limited in technicalities some are. I am not using any driver – no one is capable of publicly doing that with EAC – nor changing “core system files”. Why are you even adding this crap?

Just so it is there, afraid of law-suits or something? Again, put there to cover your ass. Because that’s how we do things at CH. I can pretty much guarantee that if your account gets banned it’s because you used one of those other trainers and illegal bypass methods. Hopefully you were smarter than that. If you have used these other trainers or hacking methods, you will need to revert the game back to it’s original state so that the legitimate, non-modified files are in place or else your game will likely crash.