Android 2.2.2 whatsapp

GBWhatsapp comes with lots of features android 2.2.2 whatsapp much more improvement. GBWhatsapp have many new themes and privacy. Disable calls for specific persons and send GIF messages also. Change tick styles as you own choice.

You can use this application to discover the hidden features of Whatsapp. Best app to enjoy two different accounts on same device. You can hide your online status, send larger video files, more than 90 pictures can be send at once rather than 10 pictures in original whatsapp. Check who is online and when was last seen. I was use this app with a facke number . Same facke number sent to my friends . Did he can restore my chat history?

The GB whatsapp is using some months. I’m having a problem on GBwhatsapp installation on my phone,what could be the cause please ? Disclaimer: This website is only for free apps, Use this form to submit your app or to report copyrighted content. People you want to communicate must have a Whatsapp installed and working internet connection. If you want to share something with more than one person, you can create a group and can add as many people as you want.

Things shared in group will be visible to all the group members. Another interesting feature is that it has a built-in image compressor with which you image will be automatically compressed to make sharing the image easier. Best privacy feature of Whatsapp is that it uses end to end encryption which means that no 3rd party even Whatsapp can’t read your conversation. Whatsapp is available for every operating system, iOS, Android and Windows, so if you are using a smart phone, you can easily install this app and communicate with your friends. You may also join groups created by other people if invited to join.

You can now download and send expressive stickers in chats. Tap the “emoji” icon while in a chat and then tap the “sticker” icon at the bottom to get started. You can now swipe right on a message to reply. Non-admins will still be able to read messages and respond privately by tapping “Message admin”. Because if I dont want my last seen time to be visible, I do not have a right to see others’ last seen. But some people complain about it.

I dont know why cruel russia blocked telegram but those users are probably going to use whats app because it is the best messaging app. The video call quality could be better but still it is a great app for calls and chat. Even better than our local call quality. Disclaimer: This website is only for free apps, Use this form to submit your app or to report copyrighted content. Please forward this error screen to 209.

Нажимая на кнопку Скачать, вы соглашаетесь с нашими Условиями и Политикой Конфиденциальности. Update this APK, faster, free and saving data! This app was created by Spanish developer Rafale in the year 2012. There are also many options to change the size and quality of the images and videos. This app themes can not only change the background of the chat, but the bottom end of the contacts, and the colors of bars and texts Etc. Whatsapp Plus apk is a great application if you want to enjoy more features and more functions during your conversations but if you are quite worried about your privacy and if you cannot take any risks with that then you better stick with the original Whatsapp.