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If you are the type of Windows 7 user who prefers checking for new Windows Update patches manually instead of letting them all quietly install in the background you may have noticed that for around agent.exe world of warcraft past year, the “Check for Updates” scan has taken increasingly longer- often to the point that many people think there’s something wrong with their computers and they abort the operation or reboot before letting the scan complete. Microsoft has released several patches that, combined, restore the faster scanning speeds Windows 7 used to enjoy in years past. I credit Woody Leonhard for collecting this info in two articles: This one and this one.

Thanks also to commenter Chuck for suggesting an additional patch for addressing the issue. Before you start, restart your computer- this puts Windows Update into a fresh state where it isn’t busy working on background tasks. You won’t be able to install the following patches if Windows Update is busy in the background. Windows if you are prompted to do so. This bypasses having to get the updates via super-slow Windows Update, which is the problem we’re trying to fix! Over time, specific Windows Update patches can be superceded by others.

Just download the updates Microsoft recommends instead if this happens. And let me know so I can update my links! The next time you run Windows Update you should experience improved performance. 17 of the GWX Control Panel Troubleshooting Guide for more steps. The process to check for applicable updates has more and more work to do each time a new update is added, as it has to check through the datastore and existing files to see if an update is applicable. Secondly, the Component-Based Servicing system checks for superseded updates and removes them from the datastore.

Both of these suffer from increasing processing time the more updates are applied – which is why Vista is in an even worse state that 7 is, and is similar to the timeouts that Windows XP was getting via the Windows Update site. You suggest that users first restart their computer to resolve the problem. CBS-related tasks, let it finish to save it having to waste time picking up where it left off. Anyway, I do appreciate your background info. By the way, have you tried running Windows Update on a brand new straight-off-the-disc Windows 7 install? I did it a few months ago, and the very first “check for updates” took twenty eight hours to complete.

I just let it run over night and when I came back from work the next day it was ready to install updates. Especially because the RAM usage of the associated processes goes through the roof. I’ve taken to adding a day to reinstalls when giving customers quotes now, it’s silly. I am using win-7 32bit which seems to work better for everything! I will print your instructions about win update, and see if my x64BIT will again work? I have invested in CPU,RAM, harddrivesnot to mention my TIME and frustration!

32-bit Windows is working out for you, there’s not much reason to upgrade to 64-bit. Chuck – Thanks for the patch and link suggestion! You need to login to do this. Neo: I thought it wasn’t real. Morpheus: Your mind makes it real.

Neo: If you’re killed in the Matrix, you die here? Morpheus: The body cannot live without the mind. You’d think that it all being just a dream would let you do lots of cool and risky things since it’s not real anyway, and therefore you can’t get hurt. There’s an old wives’ tale which claims that if you die in a dream, you die for real. Although a potential mechanism is suggested in “Real Life” below, it remains not exactly clear how anyone could have determined this, since the only witness would be unable to confirm it. So, if you’re in a dream, hallucination, or VR simulation, death can be plenty lethal. By extension, if you’re a hacker in a high-tech futuristic world where Cyberspace is navigated through a realistic simulation, intrusion countermeasures can kill you dead.

Let us be very clear: there is no obvious or immediately compelling reason that dying in a dream or hallucination would actually kill you, unless you are really gullible and you live in a world where the Nocebo Effect is much more powerful than it is in real life. As an extension, perhaps to justify this trope, such systems often propose that the user’s mind actually is inside the machine, having been literally downloaded out of his physical brain. This tends to apply to video game levels that are All Just a Dream or a virtual reality simulation as a function of gameplay: If your character dies, it’s still a Game Over. When you are Talking in Your Dreams with someone else and they go to kill you — this may come into play. Note that if you’re talking about the mind making things literally real in general, that’s Clap Your Hands If You Believe, not this.

This trope is only about the dying. Frequently pops up in a Holodeck Malfunction. The defining feature of The Most Dangerous Video Game. Compare Puff of Logic and Magic Feather. The final battle in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann takes place in something called Super Spiral Space, the space outside the galaxies, where “recognition is given real form”. In other words, whatever they imagine exists, exists. Ergo: Your mind makes it real.