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Enterprises often make the same mistakes when adopting technology, generation after generation. A PwC tech leader outlines seven considerations to keep in mind. 5G won’t just be an improvement over 4G. It will be an entirely new form of connectivity. Forward-thinking enterprises are delivering business and infrastructure optimization with intelligent automation and looking now to business transformation.

Plenty of enterprises have run pilots or small-scale projects that leverage machine learning and AI. Scaling those to high-value, large-scale data projects can get complicated. What Do Tech’s Most Powerful Women Have in Common? When the IBM Watson Personality API analyzed these female tech leader’s words, it identified nine traits as being most dominant. New technologies promise business results, but rollouts can be risky.

Here’s how CIOs can reduce adoption risk, close skill gaps and keep teams happy. For all the market research numbers floating around about cloud computing, what is missing is advice on what IT organizations should be doing with IaaS, SaaS, and other cloud concepts. Where is your data when you need it? Edge computing offers an alternative to processing all data in the cloud or the data center. The emerging data-hungry and data-generating technologies demand two types of data governance: security, and the need for holistic, enterprise-wide governance, rather than governance on a silo-by-silo basis.

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After 60 years, it’s time to reexamine how we label and think about information technology, and to give the profession a fresh start. Understand how three key elements are crucial to the success of an automation project. Organizations continue to become more metrics-driven, but when business outcomes don’t turn out as expected, the lament is sometimes “we were measuring the wrong things. If you want to measure the right things, consider these tips from Gartner’s Doug Laney.

From issues such as privacy and data bias regulation to model training and self-service AI, you can expect a broad range of key advances in the artificial intelligence space. Combatting the misconceptions surrounding cloud computing requires continuous exploration of new opportunities emerging today because of ongoing cloud technology innovations. AWS Outposts will let enterprises put the AWS hardware and software in their own data centers, providing the benefits of the public cloud for sensitive data. Is Machine Vision the End of Traditional Marketing? Machine vision will endow computers with the capacity to understand images in a human-like way.