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Page 3: Table Of Contents . 1 Introducing the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer 2 Understanding the Features of the CV30 . Page 4 Configuring Security on the CV30 . Page 5 Developing Applications for the CV30 . Page 6 Accessories for the CV30 . Page 7: Before You Begin Global Services and Support Warranty Information To understand the warranty for your Intermec product, visit the Intermec web site at www. Inquire about repair billing or other service invoicing questions.

Canada, contact your local Intermec representative. To search for your local representative, from the Intermec web site, click Contact. Page 9: Who Should Read This Manual This manual provides you with information about the features of the CV30, and how to install, configure, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot it. Before you work with the CV30, you should be familiar with your network and general networking terms, such as IP address. Related Documents The Intermec web site at www. Page 10 Before You Begin There may be other U. Page 11: Using The Cv30 Fixed Mount Computer Using the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer Use this chapter to familiarize yourself with the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer.

Page 12: Introducing The Cv30 Fixed Mount Computer Chapter 1 — Using the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer Introducing the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer The Intermec CV30 is a rugged fixed mount computer designed for real-time data collection applications in warehousing, distribution, work-in-process, time and attendance, and stationary applications. 100BaseT full duplex standard Ethernet interfaces. Use this manual to understand how to use the features and options available on the CV30. Page 15: Using The Power Button CV30 back on, the computer resumes where it was when you turned it off. Using the Touch Screen The CV30 has a 6. 4 inch color VGA touch screen display with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.