Ability mail server 2013 patch

The final boss of Gods From the Machine is here! From a new interface to changes for Ability mail server 2013 patch of every size. Our improved Conquest system now provides challenge, opportunity, and rewards for all Guilds!

Companion Return: Ashara Zavros – She will return to the Sith Inquisitor’s side, how will things go with her former master? Imperial Agents will see the return of their crewmate and member of the Killik Hivemind, Vector! Companion Romance: Arcann – A redeemed Arcann makes his feelings known to those who’ve given him a chance to atone for the evil deeds of his past. Players who defeat Izax on Veteran difficulty before launch of Game Update 5. 9: The Nathema Conspiracy will receive a special legacy-based reward and an exclusive title with the launch of 5. Collections would not appear for items currently available for sale in the Cartel Market.

Conquest tab now lists all Objectives along with the players personal progress. Guild tab has been renamed to Guild Invasions. Guild Invasion will display planetary leaderboards, Guilds rewards, and a contribution leaderboard for your Guild. Guild has most recently conquered each planet.

Completing objectives will now award credits, experience points, and Command Experience in addition to their Conquest points. Conquest point values have been rebalanced for all Objectives. In addition to one-time and repeatable, there are now also daily objectives. The Invasion bonus for Conquest objectives has been removed.

Weekly Conquests are no longer on a set schedule and will be randomly selected each week. All planets now fall into one of three Invasion Targets for Strongholds. Planets with lower Invasion Targets require a smaller amount of Conquest points to complete and give smaller rewards. High Invasion Target planets require a large amount of Conquest points and give the largest reward. The Stronghold bonus for Conquests has been changed. Conquest objective point values in the Conquest interface will now also reflect a player’s Stronghold bonus.

Players who previously completed these Achievements will have in-game mail with their Decorations. A vendor selling a special Izax Decoration has been added to the game. The vendor will only appear for players who have earned an Achievement for defeating Izax on any difficulty. Corrected an issue which was causing some Relics to provide higher Bolstered stats than intended. The Longspur Blaze is now available for sale on each Fleets’ Vehicle Vendor. EA and the EA logo are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc.

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