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Trusted since 1991, Setup Factory is a rock-solid, reliable install creator for Windows applications. Simply drag and drop your files onto the project window and you’re ready to build. Whether you want to put shortcut icons on the desktop, register controls or customize 8.3 setup.exe . . Wizard interface, it’s all just a few clicks away.

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No other Windows installation builder generates setup files that are more compact or perform faster than the installer files you create using Setup Factory. Advanced Installer Features Users without any coding experience can simply click to add actions from the library to build up functionality, from basic screen controls to advanced operating system commands. Advanced coders will instantly feel at home hand coding in the familiar Lua-based environment. Target Any Version of Windows Create bulletproof software installers that are fully compatible with any version of Windows without worrying about operating system compatibility or runtime issues. Setup Factory has you covered all the way, from Windows XP right up to Windows 10 and all points between. Licensing That Makes Sense As developers, we understand the challenges other developers face. Our objectives in pricing Setup Factory were to keep the costs of single-user licenses low enough for individuals to afford, yet provide deep enough multi-user discounts to make good sense for full development teams.

About Indigo Rose Indigo Rose Software has been creating award-winning software development tools for professional programmers since 1991. Over 750,000 software developers have used our tools to create better software applications for hundreds of millions of end users. The main difference between Windows XP and later Windows OS versions is the introduction of the User Account Control prompt which acts as a barrier between core OS settings and apps. The user interaction is required to authenticate the app and to allow its access to the OS system settings. This manual shows you how to change hdparm. Properties in Windows and grant it the administrative privileges required for normal operation.

Remember to click the OK button on all Properties windows when closing them. IF SUCCESSFUL an armour icon is displayed over hdparm. I use mine as my “wing drive” for the SSD. One of my HDDs was spinning down very frequently and whenever Windows tries to access it the whole system just stops responding for a few seconds until the drive spins up again. Disabled drive’s internal power management real quick and the problem is gone.

All hail the author for this great tool and the blog for making it easy to find. I believe is supposed to be a USB disk but for Windows hdparm counterpart it does not seem to matter. I found the answer to my question above! You have to add location with hdparm. Specifies the Setup program’s file name or fully qualified path.

In actual usage, this may be Setup. Single Exe distribution package on the Build page. If you do not specify a run mode, Setup will run according to the rules set out under Run mode options, below. INSTALL all have the same effect. Specifies zero or more installation options.

Q all have the same effect. Options are processed from left to right, so if you specify conflicting options, the rightmost one “wins”. Any values set on the command line override the values of the corresponding variables from the installation script. If a variable doesn’t exist in the installation script, it is automatically created. Initial state and the If condition true fields of the component, and any states that are loaded from the previously installed instance of the same product.

This option allows you to restore a component to its default selection, even if there is a currently installed version of the product that used a different selection state. For best results, we recommend that you specify higher-level components before their children if you want to change their selection state, because the selection state of a parent component may affect the available selection states of its children. No other command line processor features apply. However, there may be occasions where you want to deviate from the usual rules, for example to force a registration run in order to repair a damaged installation.

Existing installation An existing installation is one where Setup. See Setup installation location for details. Initial run mode if no other run mode options are specified on the command line. Else if Setup is running interactively, the user is prompted to select the desired run mode. The second form allows you to specify an installation folder. Be sure to quote the entire option if installfolder contains spaces or symbolic variables, or Windows will misinterpret the command line. In Registrar mode, the installer only performs post-boot file registration.

This is required if one or more files were in use during the original installation. In that case, Setup automatically registers itself to run in Registrar mode after the next system reboot. Note: This option is ignored by new installations, which always run as Installer. Completely removes your application from the customer’s computer. Re-installs your application unchanged, usually to repair a damaged installation. This requires access to the installer’s original distribution media. This is typically used to resume an installation after the system was restarted due to the installation of one or more prerequisites.