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Jump to navigation Jump to search “SATA” redirects here. This article’s use of external links may 3d max serial number 2016 follow Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines. The SATA-IO group collaboratively creates, reviews, ratifies, and publishes the interoperability specifications, the test cases and plugfests.

Before SATA’s introduction in 2000, PATA was simply known as ATA. 1984 release of the IBM Personal Computer AT, more commonly known as the IBM AT. The IBM AT’s controller interface became a de facto industry interface for the inclusion of hard disks. SATA host adapters and devices communicate via a high-speed serial cable over two pairs of conductors. 16-bit wide data bus with many additional support and control signals, all operating at a much lower frequency. After insertion, the device initializes and then operates normally. Unlike PATA, both SATA and eSATA support hotplugging by design.

SATA host adapters support this function. Intel, which has become a de facto standard. Windows device drivers that are labeled as SATA are often running in IDE emulation mode unless they explicitly state that they are AHCI mode, in RAID mode, or a mode provided by a proprietary driver and command set that allowed access to SATA’s advanced features before AHCI became popular. SATA revisions are often designated with a dash followed by roman numerals, e.

SATA-III”, to avoid confusion with the speed, which is always displayed in Arabic numerals, e. 0a was released on January 7, 2003. First-generation SATA interfaces, now known as SATA 1. During the initial period after SATA 1.