2033 metroll.exe

Les Sims 3 – Movie Stuff. Metro : Last Light est un FPS sur PC qui vous 2033 metroll.exe dans un futur post apocalyptique.

Metro 2033 et vous retrouvez pour l’occasion les couloirs sombres du métro moscovite. Vous avez besoin de toutes les mises a jour pour installer celle-ci. It came to our attention that many people use the additional benchmarking software utility provided with Metro: Last Light to more rigorously testing their gaming beast’s capabilities, rather than taking a look at in-game performance. Metro Last Light benchmark program that is used for this bench test is not a clear reflection of the sort of performance your own set up might get in the actual game itself. You see the bench program is designed to fully stress test the hardware and it throws a tonne of things onto the screen at the same time, the likes of which do not happen in game. For our run throughs of the Metro: Last Light benchmarks we differed the graphics quality and the resolution over a number of different presets shown below.

Every run through was done on the three-minute long ‘Scene 6’ via Metro: Last Light’s official benchmarking program, which depicts an intense firefight between dozens of enemies. In comparison to the gameplay tests we performed a few weeks ago in Metro: Last Light these benchmarks were much more demanding, with Very High settings in particular capable of causing the 750 Ti some problems. 900p and 720p was fine across the board with very few, if any noticeable slowdowns. Once the resolution was cranked up to 1920×1080 in Metro: Last Light though, the GTX 750 Ti began to feel the effects.