1cv8.exe config /s

1cv8.exe config /s: registry is not used anymore. Username, password and GUI settings are now saved in the Config_v3.

Fixed: important issue in cache management of hidden variants and current variants: were cached using the very same data. Fixed: the welcome box containing the recent changes was not showed after an automatic update. New: interrupted and incomplete downloads can be resumed, avoiding to download the whole file again! Fixed: some panels sizes, were not restored properly on launch. Fixed: in a very particular case, the product list was empty. Fixed: double-click on download window to open the destination path was not working properly when clicking on labels.

Improved: keeps the windows and panel sizes preferences for the GUI. Improved: handling of “product code not found on caresuite”. Improved: handling of corrupted cache files. The corrupted cached file will be automatically deleted and content will be donwloaded again. You can change this behaviour by manually editing the Config_v2. Improved: the Favourite Product Codes feature has been opened to the non-donors too. Proxy support will be added in next releases.

New: you can now report missing Product Code, by uploading a . Product Codes will be added to the database. Fixed: all the datetime fields are now saved as UTC format, fixing some cache handling issues. New: Shows additional Product informations in the tooltip, including phone’s image.

New: it is now possibile to Download up to 20 files simultaneously. New: the download manager has been rewritten from scratch. Fixed: Error when downloading large files. New: Added filesize and filetype details. New: Parse VPL option, will automatically download and parse the VPL file and will select mandatory fw files.

Improved: From now on this software, available on Symbian-Toys. This feature can be used to download files using any extenal Download Manager you like. NAVIFIRM tool developed by EPICBIZNUS, I made the additional improvements documented in the Change-Log. Below follows a brief description of the NAVIFIRM tool. NAVIFIRM is the ultimate all-purpose tool for downloading Nokia firmware images, obtaining lists of product codes, and finding the right product code for your phone. NOTE: The main developer for this software is EPICBIZNUS, I have made the additional improvements which have been documented in the Change-Log.

This software is provided “as is” with no warranty whatsoever, express or implied and moreover, WITHOUT any technical support, so, DO NOT contact me about this, because you WILL NOT receive any reply. If you like this software, then consider making a small donation, you’ll help to improve the software! Take a look at the Facebook fanpage for further information. A blog about anything a software engineer might encounter during his programming efforts. It seems OpenCV does not provide very much support for transparent images. It has images with 4 channels, which are treated as BGRA images, with the fourth channel being the Alpha channel.

It also supports saving these images using the PNG format, yet it does not support properly displaying these images in highgui, nor does it support combining these images. The background is in BGR colour space. The foreground is in BGRA colour space. The output image will always be of the same size as the background image, in BGR colour space. The position parameter determines how the foreground is placed on top of the background.

100 pixels to the right and 50 pixels up. It might not be the best solution as it was written in a hurry, so please feel free to improve. We first copy the background to the output, so we can continue with only the pixels where foreground and background overlap. 0, we combine the pixels of the background and foreground for all channels. We are done if we passed all overlapping pixels and output will now contain an image of the background, overlayed with the transparent foreground image. 1″ as flag, to make sure the transparancy channel is read!