1cv8.exe,, ntdll.dll, 5.2.3790.4937

If you have updated to win 8. If you are not comfortable doing 1cv8.exe,, ntdll.dll, 5.2.3790.4937 DONT. Symptoms since upgrading to Windows 8. It did contain some hidden macros that I didn’t know about.

Am I to understand that either deleteing the macros or excluding ‘Conversion Tables. We are executing printer drivers in isolated processes. 200 times a hour and causes Print Spooler to fail. But the main reason to cause this will result from a corrupt or damaged version of the ntdll.

Delete the printer driver and re-install again with specific printing models. Apart you can check below link for print spooler crash troubleshooting guides. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. I see there are a few posts on this sort of problem, but please bear with me as this is somewhat different. 16827, stamp 49a74cd5, faulting module jvm. This may be related to my Add-on, so I’d like to know of any reasons that an Add-on could cause this situation. I see from other posts that it can be caused by an Add-on using a different JVM to the one used by the oracle app, however we don’t include a jvm or use any java code, so it seems like it must be a different problem.