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2019 All Trademarks, logos, and software are the property of their respective owners. An MIT graduate who brings years of technical experience to articles on SEO, computers, and wireless networking. Home network broadband routers sometimes use an IP address range that includes the 192. Some of these manufacturers include Belkin, SMC, Dell, Edimax, 1cv8.exe,, rtrsrvc.dll,, 0x0003d21c. Gemtek.

2 to any device on the local network automatically or an administrator can do it manually. Computers and other devices that support DHCP can receive their IP address automatically from a local router. The router decides which address to assign from the range it is set up to manage. When the router uses the range 192. Most devices can be configured to have a static IP address.

This includes computers, phones, gaming consoles, etc. This is done by manually entering the 192. 2 IP address on the device. Some routers also support DHCP reservations so that the IP address can be associated with the MAC address of a device, essentially creating a static IP for that device. However, simply entering the IP number does not guarantee the address is valid for the device to use because the router must also be configured to include 192. If your router happens to be assigned 192. 2, it means all of its connected devices use that router as the default gateway.

This normally isn’t the case since 192. 2 is typically an address assigned to the devices that connect to a 192. IP address conflicts are when multiple devices are assigned the same IP address, and it can cause failed connection issues for all the devices involved. This is usually avoided when DHCP is used but is much more likely to happen when the 192. A device with IP address 192. 2 dynamically assigned to it may be re-assigned a different address if it is kept disconnected from the local network for a long enough time period.