1cv7s.exe 1cv7.exe

1cv7s.exe 1cv7.exe: registry is not used anymore. Username, password and GUI settings are now saved in the Config_v3.

Fixed: important issue in cache management of hidden variants and current variants: were cached using the very same data. Fixed: the welcome box containing the recent changes was not showed after an automatic update. New: interrupted and incomplete downloads can be resumed, avoiding to download the whole file again! Fixed: some panels sizes, were not restored properly on launch. Fixed: in a very particular case, the product list was empty.

Fixed: double-click on download window to open the destination path was not working properly when clicking on labels. Improved: keeps the windows and panel sizes preferences for the GUI. Improved: handling of “product code not found on caresuite”. Improved: handling of corrupted cache files. The corrupted cached file will be automatically deleted and content will be donwloaded again.

You can change this behaviour by manually editing the Config_v2. Improved: the Favourite Product Codes feature has been opened to the non-donors too. Proxy support will be added in next releases. New: you can now report missing Product Code, by uploading a . Product Codes will be added to the database.