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A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is a short story about an elderly African-American woman who 1080P Themes a familiar journey on a road in a rural area to acquire medicine for her grandson. In “A Worn Path”, an old woman named Phoenix Jackson is walking through the woods into town. On her way she encounters many obstacles, including thorny bushes, barbed wire, and a large dog, among others.

She meets a hunter, pocketing a nickel that he drops, and a lady who ties her shoes. The story the Worn Path was written by author Eudora Welty. Welty was born in Jackson Mississippi in 1909. She was a short story writer who wrote about the American south. She attended college at the Mississippi State College for Women and the transferred to the University of Wisconsin to complete a degree in English Literature.

In 1933 she published her first short story called “the Death of a Traveling Salesman”. One of the major themes of the short story is unselfish love. Phoenix Jackson loves her grandson so much that she endures a painful walk to town in order to get the medicine that he needs. The story revolves around compassion and the courage that defies reason, since Phoenix is willing to make the journey to town any time it is needed, despite her own age and waning health. The short story also discusses racism and the arrogance it breeds by marginalizing other people and being cruel to them.

However, another theme of the story is the ability of the human spirit to endure conflict and poor circumstances within nature and society. What kind of obstacles did Phoenix overcome while on her journey through the forest? What do they symbolize about Phoenix and her journey? Did Phoenix daydream any of her journey? What makes Phoenix’s mission to get to town so important?