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Intermec CV30 User Manual Fixed mount computer with windows ce. Information and specifications contained in 1 3 security_1cv8.exe document are subject to change without prior noticed and do not represent a commitment on the part of Intermec Technologies Corporation. Page 3: Table Of Contents . 1 Introducing the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer 2 Understanding the Features of the CV30 .

Page 4 Configuring Security on the CV30 . Page 5 Developing Applications for the CV30 . Page 6 Accessories for the CV30 . Page 7: Before You Begin Global Services and Support Warranty Information To understand the warranty for your Intermec product, visit the Intermec web site at www. Inquire about repair billing or other service invoicing questions.

Canada, contact your local Intermec representative. To search for your local representative, from the Intermec web site, click Contact. Page 9: Who Should Read This Manual This manual provides you with information about the features of the CV30, and how to install, configure, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot it. Before you work with the CV30, you should be familiar with your network and general networking terms, such as IP address. Related Documents The Intermec web site at www.

Page 10 Before You Begin There may be other U. Page 11: Using The Cv30 Fixed Mount Computer Using the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer Use this chapter to familiarize yourself with the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer. Page 12: Introducing The Cv30 Fixed Mount Computer Chapter 1 — Using the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer Introducing the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer The Intermec CV30 is a rugged fixed mount computer designed for real-time data collection applications in warehousing, distribution, work-in-process, time and attendance, and stationary applications. 100BaseT full duplex standard Ethernet interfaces. Use this manual to understand how to use the features and options available on the CV30. Page 15: Using The Power Button CV30 back on, the computer resumes where it was when you turned it off. Using the Touch Screen The CV30 has a 6.

4 inch color VGA touch screen display with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The touch screen has a built-in heater to reduce condensation on the external surface of the display when moving between sub-freezing temperatures and normal temperatures. Page 17: Navigating The Touch Screen Chapter 1 — Using the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer CV30 Start Screen Navigating the Touch Screen You can use the stylus accessory to navigate the touch screen. Touch Screen Navigation Action Description Touch the screen once with the stylus or finger to select options, open or close applications, or launch menus. Page 18: Attaching The Cv30 To Power CV30 for it to operate. Use the AC power supply and power cord when you are using the CV30 with a desk mounting kit or a wall mounting kit. The AC power supply does not provide power for the internal touch screen heater.

Page 19: Understanding The Backup Power System The CV30 contains a backup battery that has enough capacity to support the suspend state for at least 72 hours. When power is restored to the CV30, it resumes the state it was in when the power was removed. An internal charger automatically charges the backup battery within 4 hours when external power is supplied. Using the Reset button If you try both of the following options to reset the CV30 and you cannot restore system operation, you may need to perform a clean boot. Page 21: Understanding The Status Lights Chapter 1 — Using the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer Understanding the Status Lights The status lights on the CV30 turn on to indicate the status of the network connection, a successful decode of a bar code, or a user-defined function. Page 22: Installing An External Antenna Chapter 1 — Using the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer The Ready-to-Work indicator has three states: off, blinking, and on. Use this table to understand the different states of the light.

Ready-to-Work Light States Light State What It Means The TE 2000 application has not loaded successfully, or you are not running a Ready-to- Work application. Page 24: Connecting A Scanner For information on installing the compact keyboard, see the instructions that ship with it. CV30 if you order the appropriate RS-232 cable. 2 Attach the other end of the cable to the tethered scanner.

Page 26: Increasing Memory Storage CV30 currently supports SD cards that hold up to 2 GB of information. The SD card slot is located on the top of the CV30 under the top cover. You must remove the top cover to access the SD card slot. Page 27 Chapter 1 — Using the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer 3 Disconnect the antenna cable from the Remote Antenna connector. 4 Gently insert the SD card into the CV30.

Antenna cable SD card 5 Push the SD card into the slot until it latches in place. Page 29: Understanding Windows Ce Understanding Windows CE This chapter introduces Microsoft Windows CE. Page 30: Understanding Windows Ce Learning to use the CV30 is easy. This section describes the basic concepts of using and customizing your CV30 Computer.

Using the Desktop Screen When you turn on your CV30 for the first time each day, you see the Desktop Screen. Programs and then the program name. The following is a partial list of programs that are on your CV30, in the order they appear in the Start menu. Page 32: Entering Information Understanding the Ways to Enter Information Enter Information By: Description Typing Enter typed text into the CV30 by tapping keys on the onscreen keyboard or by using the handwriting recognition software. Writing Use the stylus to write directly on the screen.

Page 33: Using Transcriber For help using Transcriber, tap the question mark in the lower right-hand corner of the Input Panel. Finding and Organizing Information You can use Windows Explorer to find files on your CV30 and organize these files into folders. You can install any program created for the CV30, as long as the computer has enough memory available. Page 35: Using Internet Explorer Using Internet Explorer You can use Internet Explorer to run web-based applications, and view pages downloaded to the CV30. You can also connect to the internet through an ISP or a network connection.